Web Maintenance

Our standard maintenance package of $45.00 US Dollars per month for up to ½ hour of web updates per month. For typical HTML-based websites, this is enough time to add up to five photos and a few paragraphs of text. The typical turn around time on standard maintenance requests is three business days.

We will never go over the ½ hour, or whatever your allotted time is based on the plan you’ve signed up for unless you specifically request us to. (We’ll let you know if your request something that is not likely to fit into your plan.) If you do request more work that will fit in your plan, we will gladly give an estimate on the project based on the time we expect it to take. Additional time will be billed at a discounted rate of $75.00 per hour. (Maintenance requests exceeding the allotted time for your selected plan will be completed as soon as possible based on our current workload; we cannot guarantee additional requests within three business days.

Standard Plan About once a month
$45.00 per month for
up to ½ hour per month
Advanced Plan
$80.00 per month for
up to 1 hour per month
Professional Plan
$150.00 per month for
up to 2 hours per month
(or ½ hour per week)
Or choose any other number of hours*
$75.00 per hour
Looking for special types of updates?

Additional Tasks

Our Rates

Text changes, picture changes, changes to links, etc.

Included in the maintenance packages listed above.

Additional maintenance in one month over the agreed-upon plan (requires the client’s specific request and approval).

Discounted rate of $75.00 per hour**

Maintenance by the hour for clients who are not on a maintenance plan

$90.00 per hour**(Quarter-hour, or $22.50, minimum)

Updates to e-commerce databases.

Depends on the way the site was originally created**

Website designs or redesigns

Flat rate packages available or $90.00 per hour**

Flash creation

$90.00 per hour**

Flash editing can only be done if original .fla files are provided

$90.00 per hour**

Rush jobs and all work after business hours (excluding programming)

$135.00 per hour**

All Programming

Flat rate quotes available or $150.00 per hour**