Steps to Starting Website


Here is a pretty nice framework that can guide you through how to evaluate your website content for your new website redesign: What To DO Next?

Step 1. Menu: Home, Services page, Service overview, Features ( Products), Gallery, News, Testimonials, Events, Contact Us.

Step 2 Images. Quality Images are the key to websites. A typical website would need 10-20 strong Images that engages your clients. We recommend using stock photos This is a very important area. If you need us to take photos that are professional please let us know. For example, if caught using another person’s image without permission they can sue for $10,0000-150,000.

If your photo is timely registered for an infringement, you will be eligible for statutory damages of up to $150,000 for a willful infringing use.  See 17 USC §504(b) and (c).  Legal fees and costs also may be recovered from the infringer.  See 17 USC §505.  Additionally, you need to have received your registration certificate to file a complaint about a copyright infringement lawsuit in most jurisdictions.

Step 3. Content: Content must be provided to use in a word document that is formatted and edited for the website. The client providing the material are responsible for the PROOFING of text content. Remember to keep content short and clear to the point. No More that  4- 5 sentences.

  • Less text more multimedia, to be more specific using more videos in website design, is considered to be a new web design trend of 2014.
  • Attention span alert! Some thought-provoking statistics:
    • Average human attention span in 2000 – 12 seconds
    • Average human attention span in 2013 – 8 seconds
    • Average attention span of goldfish – 9 seconds

Step 4. Social media: Concentrate on the social media that drives more traffic or where your potential clients are socializing.

  • Research and learn about the makeup of the audience that populates each social network so you can figure out where you should focus. If your audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time.
  • We would need all social media password, email and account to setup on the website.
  • Step 5. 

Welcome, the start of your new business. Please follow the steps below to create your website. 

1. Create account at click login and create an account. Link below:

2. Write down your account number and password. Remember to create a 4 digit pin. This information is needed for the web designer to set up your account.

3. Purchase your domain within your parafruit account. Type it in and make sure it is available. Once available add to cart.

Domain link below:

4. Continue shopping for hosting. You will need Linux hosting. Economy plan. Add to cart.

Hosting Link below:

5. Continue shopping and add site lock to secure your website. This is important because it protects your site from hackers an malware.

Site lock link below:


Needs Assessment/Site Requirements:

The needs assessment is a vital step in the beginning stages of a website design project.

Who are the potential users of this site? Be as specific as possible: general demographic, age range, income bracket, expected computer literacy, etc.

By which methods will the users arrive at the site? For example, organic keyword search; post-meeting with business owner; referral from friends; etc.

On what platforms will the users be using the site? For example desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphone?

What does the site need to accomplish (for each/every user group)? For example, provide easily searchable information; drive more sales; drive more sign-ups; etc.

Are there specific functions required? For example, submission forms; e-commerce; blogging; etc. Provide a range of possibilities to your client based on the answer to the previous question.

Do you require the site to be built on a content management system? We haven’t NOT built a site on a CMS in a long, long time.

Do you require statistics tracking? We generally always have this in place for our clients.

How do you want your brand to be perceived?

Why your customers chose you and not your competitor?

What are some your unique advantages?

What is the problem that your product/service solves?

What are some of your bragging rights? Known big customers, market share, #of customers served, awards and recognitions, etc?

What are the primary goals that your new website needs to accomplish in order for you to consider it a success?