New Lower Price!
Standard Press Kit: $350
Includes designs for the following:

• Bio Page – Editorial style bio page featuring your logo, photo, and band bio, profile, & contact details.

• Press Photo – Color or Black & White Press Photo formatted with your logo and contact info.

• Demo CD Label – Burn and label your own demos using our provided demo CD design. Your design will be provided in
NEATO brand templates so that you can print and label your CD’s right on you own computer.
These labels are easy to get and easy to use!* Other templates available-just specify the type you’d like your disc design provided with.

Web Site Packages For Artist 1
Available Features
Mp3 Player
Mailing List Setup
Photo Gallery
Merch Store
Show Calendar
News Feed
EPK Section
Add-Ons 2
Web Hosting & Domain Name (1 Year)
CMS (Content Management System)
Flash Intro/Animations

Photography Price List

This price list is for photo shoot sessions.

1-hour outdoor session (single location within 5 miles)Additional sites (15 minutes to change sites) $150 $25 each
2-hour outdoor session (single location within 10 miles)Additional sites (15 minutes to change sites) $200 $25 each
1-hour indoor studio session $75
2-hour indoor studio session $125
Other sessions $100 per hour

Note that an “outdoor” session refers to anything away from our site.  It can be your home, your yard, your farm, or a public location.  We have a number of public locations that make good shooting sites.  If private property is involved, you are responsible for obtaining written permission to use the property for the shoot.  We will not locate a shoot on a site without that permission in advance.

Indoor studio sessions may also include some outdoor shots at our site, if desired.

Changes of clothing are permitted, but are included in the time.  Bottom line:  The more changes, the less time there is remaining for shooting.  Reasonably, a 2-hour session could include 2 or 3 different outfits.  Not all outdoor locations will have a place to change (other than your car), but we can apprise you of that availability as the sites are chosen.

Wedding Price List

 $750 wedding fee due on day of wedding, which includes
rehearsal, wedding, and the reception.


You may also choose one of the following packages:      

         Package 1-$125.00                  Package 2-$175.00

               1-11×14                                1-11×14

               3-8×10                                  4-8×10

               4-5×7                                    6-5×7

               8-wallets                                12-wallets


        Package 3-$250.00                  Package 4-$350.00

            2-11×14                              3-11×14

            5-8×10                                7-8×10

            8-5×7                                 10-5×7

            20-wallets                           24-wallets


Individual Prices with purchase of a Package:

4-wallets=$7.00        4×6=$6.00        5×7=$10.00

8×10=$15.00        11×14=$30.00      12×18=$40.00

16×20=$60.00      20×30=$70.00

8×10 Wedding Collage=$25.00

Proofs only-$75 a set

Larger portraits and canvas’s are also available-ask for prices

PLEASE NOTE: Wedding fee is due the night of the rehearsal.
View proofs and order what YOU want. There’s a $50 charge for proofs, due the day you pick them up and the cost goes towards total purchase. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your pictures.


Sample Videos