Our Game Program classes help prepare your child for various careers such as a Game Designer, Systems or Gameplay Programmer, or a Character Concept Artist. THE END PRODUCT IS THE CREATION OF THEIR VIDEO GAME, BUSINESS PLAN AND FUTURE KNOWLEDGE AND INTEREST.

Virtual online learning. At Home.

Between school closures and social distancing, our kids have an immediate need for live, structured learning, and remote collaboration. 
Parafruit Game Design will be instructed by Ray Parris, National Model Teacher of NFTE and 2020 Francisco R. Walker Miami-Dade County 
Teacher of the Year Runner-up.

Experience Teacher Ray Parris

·  24+ years of Digital Media/Tech experience
·  Game and Simulation

We’re uniquely prepared to help your family right now and through summer.

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Students design and analyze dynamic systems.

Interdisciplinary Thinking:

Students solve problems that require them to seek out and synthesize knowledge from different domains.

User-Centered Design:

Students act as sociotechnical engineers, thinking about how people interact with systems and how systems shape both competitive and collaborative social interaction.

Specialist Language:
Students learn to use complex technical linguistic and symbolic elements from a variety of domains

Meta-Level Reflection:

Students learn to explicate and defend their ideas, describe issues and interactions at a meta-level, create and test hypotheses, and reflect on the impact of their solutions on others.