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[h1]About Us[/h1]


[full_page]Parafruit provides complete design and production services for both print and web (new) media. Whether you need web site design or a print design, or a complete corporate image development, our talent can bring you to the forefront of your industry[/full_page]





[icon_box title=”PressKits” url=”http://parafruit.com/?page_id=1426″ more_text=”More details” icon=”presentation” caption=”Great Deal”]Bio PageĀ – Editorial style bio page featuring your logo, photo, and band bio, profile, & contact details.[/icon_box]

[icon_box title=”Website Maintenance” url=”http://parafruit.com/?page_id=1454″ more_text=”More details” icon=”pencil” caption=”Font replacement”]Keep your content current. Update your information.[/icon_box]

[icon_box title=”Web Design” url=”http://parafruit.com/?page_id=1475″ more_text=”More details” icon=”magnifying-glass” caption=”Creative online designs that brands your company”] Creative web solution to promote your product[/icon_box]